Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Baby shower, walking in Tyrone, irritating comments on the Internet... Previous week!



I'm almost done with a part 3 about active listening. However, I decided to post something different instead because I don't like typing those more serious posts when I can't really focus and now I'm so tired that I'm not able to finish it! So here you have a last week kind of post :-) This time with some pictures.

It's sooooo hot right now! What's more, since all kinds of cool weather is gone, a lot of bugs came back. I mean, spiders or those damned mosquitoes which like me a lot and I already have one leg all covered by bites... If I ever add a post like "what's in my bag", then two of the basic things in there for months from now will be: OFF and sunscreen 70. Or maybe three cause I also need a gel for bites if OFF doesn't work which happened already as well. I'd die without these things, literally.

A week ago me and Nathan went for a long walk around here and we saw places we've never been to before. I lived in Warsaw which is a big city with a lot of people for 21 years and I remember that in my au pair application I said I couldn't imagine living in a small town. And now what, I live in a place where I have so many cool things everywhere, where's so green, calm, people live slowly, you can sit by a lake... and I use it so rarely! I need to create my own map or something, I don't know. I'll show you some pics below! I took them with my phone because I didn't even think about taking my camera. Oh well.

Do you remember my last post about how it is that people judge and teach others based on how tall others are? Today I'll say more - people judge based on what you eat as well! I don't want to talk about this too long right now (one of these days!) but my summation of what I read is - people who don't eat meat are stupid, they behave with no sense or whatsoever, they're idiots, they don't think rationally, they don't eat healthy, they eat "abnormal" food and they should put themselves back together and stop giving problems to themselves and to others. I've never heard anything like this from anyone in person and I haven't been eating meat for 9 years now. But you know, anonymity on the Internet! ;-)

Do you know this feeling when you're at a store and you really like something but you decide not to buy it; you go back after several days because you can't stop thinking about this thing and it turns out that somebody already bought it. Yea, I experienced this today and it wasn't the first time :-P Fortunately a woman working there suggested she'd order it for me and she even gave me a $3 discount so I obviously agreed. What's the conclusion and advice? Buy it when you like it and don't wait!

Not that long time ago I went to another baby shower - this time it was for a friend who was at my wedding as well. I said it somewhere already but this is one of the things I like in the States! I think that it's really cool that everyone celebrates a birth of a new little person. Although, like I said already some time ago, going to a completely strange woman and patting her belly is a little bit too much for me ;-)

Alicia was pretty excited about Mother's Day cause she said she had something for me and she spent a long time making it. Since she spent last several days with her biological mother, she didn't have a chance to give it to me yet. I must say I'm really curious. Also, I never liked Mother's Day because my mom died when I was 7 years old and so I was sad every year when I saw all the people celebrating and stuff and what, I was the only one there not having anyone. Seems like now it'll change and I can celebrate this day. Not as a daughter but as a mother!

I have two questions!
1. Do you know any stronger product for mosquitoes than OFF but at the same time something that doesn't stink like crazy so people will still want to be close to me? Or any homemade ways?
2. Any good product for splitting nails? I've never had this problem before but now it's here and I don't know what to do with that.

First four pics from baby shower...

And from our walk...

In Key West you can see signs saying "cat crossing" and in my area signs say "caution horses" :-)

This sign made me laugh and I'm curious what they mean by "stupid dogs".

On our way we found a cool antique shop where we could find everything. Literally, everything. From jams, through vinyls, to clothes from twenties. I liked the fact that all the cosmetics they sell are made in Georgia from materials found in Georgia. I bought a strawberry-lavender jam and I loved it so I need to go back and buy a bigger jar! We spent a long time there but I really like places like that and I definitely had things to look at! I could buy sooooo much junk :-) 

Bottle openers!

This thing in the middle is an old gas pump.

I think that's all for now. I don't have anything else in my head. I'll post a pic of me and Alicia for the end!

Talk to you next time,

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