Sunday, June 14, 2015

My dream world.


Forget about your fears, believes, opinions for a moment and imagine we live in a world in which...

(All of the bold phrases placed in quotation marks are what I read/heard lately on Polish websites - some of them were directed to me but not all of them.)

Each person can have his own opinion about each subject. What's more, he's free to express his opinions even in a situation when most of the people or even all the rest think differently. And his own, different opinion isn't a reason to insult him, to call him "stupid" or to say he "doesn't have a brain" or he's "jealous" but it's a reason to have a conversation without insulting one another and pushing this person that his opinion is the right one and if someone thinks something different, then it means he's "narrow-minded". 
Regarding to that, people respect each other and they're able to solve their problems via talking and being honest with their feelings instead of hiding them and resenting someone after years - "because in August 2009 you said this and that and I really didn't like it and now you're saying that..." If someone, in my eyes, loses my respect toward him, I don't treat him as a worse person than me and I don't insult him calling him an "idiot" but I stop talking to this person because having someone I can't/don't want to tolerate in my area doesn't make sense to me and we both get nervous.
There's no religion anywhere and people have their own opinions which are based on their experiences and not on what religion says, whatever it is. They don't live in fear that when they die, they'll be judged by someone who they never saw in their lives and who they probably won't see ever and they'll be in trouble. They do what they think is the best counting with the possible consequences of what they did remembering at the same time that decisions they made were the best ones they could make at the time. They're not afraid of anyone above every time they did something "wrong" because nobody says what's wrong and what's good and they do whatever is good for them.
School is something pleasant; a place where children go to because they like it, not because they have to. They're not afraid that if they go there, they'll get F from math because teachers are to help and they study whatever they want to at the time. They can go out of a classroom when they feel bored or sleepy or to eat a sandwich during classes when they're hungry. They don't get Fs from not having a homework and there's no exams because each person learns in her own speed on the level of her own abilities.
Sex is not tabu and adults don't get upset hearing only that word and they don't cover children's or teenagers' eyes when in a movie there's a sex scene. Kids have a legal access to true information and they can talk about their doubts and ask questions about everything according to sex and they get answers which are facts. They're not threatened that "sex is only for a wife and a husband, the first time hurts a lot and basically a women are there to serve men". When a 6-year-old girl asks her parents where babies come from, she get a true information instead of a story about bees and flowers or that babies are in cabbage which only ruins their outlook to things around them and they're left in this unawareness and curiosity for a long time. 15-year-olds have safe and conscious sex which gives them pleasure and they're aware of their own sexuality and, moreover, they like their own bodies and they aren't ashamed of them because they were never closed in this box named "tabu". And also, homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals do and they don't need any parades because nobody discriminates them.
Parents don't beat their children and instead of this they respect their kids and they listen to their opinions about whatever not forgetting about their owns. They don't punish kids, they don't yell, they don't close them in their room, they don't instruct them but they help and talk.
There's no determinant of beauty like "if you're a size 36 (European), you have bigger boobs, flat belly and waistline, rounded hips, you're max. 174cm tall (5'7'') and long legs, then you're beautiful; all the rest isn't good". Something like promoting leanness/obesity doesn't exist, but promoting being healthy does. And it doesn't matter if a healthy person has a right weight to his height or is 5kg heavier - nobody attacks anybody because of what they look like. In effect of that, anorexia or obesity don't exist. Also, nobody thinks that a woman should put make-up on her face to look "better".
People dress the way they want and there's no situations when someone would hear something like "black tights and shorts don't look stylish on your legs and I have a right to say it because I wrote a thesis about it and this is a rule you can't argue with." You can't find any guides about what to wear to look good or what not to wear. People pick clothes they like and they feel comfortable in and you can see women with blue and green hair wearing big pink jackets, short shorts, yellow tights and nobody call them "insane" or tell them they they're "devoid of taste" because everyone has their own taste and there are no rules about it.
There's no rules like "there has to be vodka at the wedding because people have more fun then and they're more relaxed". They can have fun without an alcohol because they're not afraid of "what will others say?!" They're not embarrassed in front of other people and they don't need any stimulants to have better time at the wedding, at birthday party or a regular party.
People don't kill animals to eat their meat or other products coming from animals. They don't hurt animals by testing on them. They don't kill to have fun and awards! They respect other living creatures and they don't treat them like something on lower category. They have knowledge about nourishment, human body and about what this body needs and they don't argue with other not having basic information. They're healthy, they have more energy, they don't have skin or digestion problems...
A woman walking with her newborn at a park can breast feed this little one when he's crying from hunger and nobody will call her a "disgusting cow" only because she dares to show a little bit of her breast in public to let her baby eat. Mothers who want to give birth by a C-section aren't worse than others and nobody calls them "unworthy to have kids" because if their decisions. Each woman decides about her own body the way she thinks is best for her and nobody teaches her what to do because everybody knows that this is her own body.
People with tattoos and piercing can find a normal job in which they don't have to cover/take off everything and there's nothing like being sure that tattooed people are bad and they're unsuitable to work on more serious positions. People don't judge one another based on piercing, tattoos and other things like that. They prefer to talk and to get to know another person and then have their opinion about them based on what they learned. There's also no racist in any way because people don't pay that much of an attention at appearance.
People don't vegetate but they make good money and they don't drudge making the lowest possible salary. They can afford paying all the bills, buying food they like, going to movies, concerts, clothes shopping, vacations and saving something for later. At the same time, they have time for a family and for rest. They can have three children if they want without a fear that they won't have money for school, food, clothes or doctors.
Media don't lie to us, there's no propaganda in any way - neither "drink milk and you'll grow big" nor "today's teenagers are stupid" - there's also no threatening people with things or event which truly didn't even happen and they're only an effect of an imagination that is there only to direct people the way they want. Government count with people and they don't make several times more money then random person. People aren't manipulated. Everyone has their own opinion and if they prefer to go to a different country or not to go vote, they're not taught and insulted but they're understood and left in peace.

Well, I could write and write but I'm afraid I'll go into my dreams too much... What would you add to what I talked about? Or what would you remove?

Talk to you next time!


  1. Nice, so many words...
    I don't know, but school in our days is not so fun anymore :> no?
    Greetings from EU, Romania ...

    1. Well, I believe not :( I think there are people who like school and they like to go there but at the same time they have problems like "I don't feel like doing homework but I have to" or "I'm afraid to go because I didn't study as much as my teacher wanted me to"... And this is not good for our mental health, I think.

  2. I liked your dream world a lot, it's full of peace, goodness and respect.
    I want to share that when I came to "nobody says what's wrong and what's good and they do whatever is good for them" I thought of situations like pedophile hurst a child... However, people must refer to some higher goodness and must know if they did sth wrong so they can avoid or stop harm and become better. It always comes to love, when you have everything without loving family, you really have nothing. When we won't pour love one into another, the world won't be good. So I would add that people would care about each other and never pass by a man in need because they won't be affraid or ashamed to help.
    And I don't think I would let children know and see too much about sex (although I agree with you to tell them truth where children come from) so not to interest them about that subject in a young age and let them be innocent longer and get knowledge in their time. Sex is in almost every commercial, in music video, in newspaper, everywhere, and what's the value of it? Usually it's shown in separation of love.
    My dream world would be if the Heaven came reality ;)

    1. "when you have everything without loving family, you really have nothing" - thank you, that's the point. If people had happy childhoods and if they were loved, there would be no situations like harming others because they wouldn't have any need for that.
      Yeah and since I totally agree that sex is everywhere, I think it's important that kids know more about it because if they don't have enough knowledge (and they're, like you said, "innocent" longer) they'll see the way shown in media which is usually humiliating for women, for example. However, I don't like the whole idea of keeping kids innocent :) I think if they know how things go, they'll know what to do. They're much more interested and much more curious if they hear "oh, you're too young for that". This is when they go to the Internet or magazines to look things up, I think.
      Thanks for sharing! :)