Saturday, June 27, 2015

A question, Knoxville, Monika's visit, a motivation to action... All at once! :)



First, a song!

Do you like "everything and nothing" kind of posts which is just set of stuff that happened previously? Because on one hand, I decide about what I'm talking about here but on the other one, however sweet it'll sound, if not you, I wouldn't post anything! That's why I'd like to know your opinion. Especially because I sometimes type and type and then I have this impression that my posts are extremely long and, sometimes, way too long. Boring you isn't my goal.

I'm sooooooo sick! I have this impression that I'm going to die... I often see those memes on the Internet when men have a runny nose, they act as if they're dying :D I'm telling you - it's funny to me and I don't think that all of the men are the same! But well, I feel exactly like this right now. So if my post is a little bit chaotic then, you know, put the fault on the way I feel.

Me and Nathan went to Knoxville, Tennessee (3 hr 30 mins away from us). He went there from work and I wanted to "explore". Unfortunately I didn't see anything interesting and I don't really have anything to say in here about this trip. The only picture I took was a pic of a vegan coconut-chocolate cupcake. Yummy!

Fang is taking Alicia for a cruise, on Monday I think.. But I'm not sure because coming to an understanding with this woman would be like a miracle... And on Tuesday, Monika - a Polish au pair living in Boston now - is coming to visit me and I think we'll have a good time! And I hope I'll take some pictures then because I don't take any lately... Today I posted a short video of Cleo on my Instagram which you can see by clicking HERE :)

Some time ago I watched a motivational speech on YouTube by Łukasz Jakóbiak when he was talking while a Polish TEDx conference. To keep it short - he's a Polish guy who has his own talk-show on YouTube in which he interviews celebrities - mostly Polish ones but not only so he has a few videos in English as well. The day before yesterday while talking to Nathan, I remember this video and I thought I'd tell you something I thought after I watched it and I talked about it with my sister and friends but forgot to share here. He was talking about how he reached his goals which, at that point, were meeting famous people. He thinks that his stories will be a motivation for others. Are they any kind of a motivation for me? Nope. Also, if I could, I'd change "motivational speech" to "a story about a pic with Lady Gaga" ;) But since it's named like this, I'll hold on to it because it doesn't depend on me. Speech is called "Where to get a strength and a motivation to make your dreams come true from?" and you can see it HERE but it's only in Polish.

There's this saying that A Pole will always contrive something. I think there's not a one Polish person who didn't hear it. Everything was fine until I sat down to read several articles and I saw this video I mentioned above. I thought, does this contriving and making your dreams come true have to go together only with lying, breaking laws, manipulation? If someone's biggest dream is to see Lady Gaga and then to have these "speeches" traveling all over Poland then okej, that's fine, not my business. But, to be honest, I don't like it and people like that aren't any role model for me. And I'm not jealous because I did a lot of things in my life which were - in my opinion - great, and I talked to people who are famous all over the world and more. And I didn't have to lie or pretend anyone who I'm not, or break any rules because it's possible without all those things. Instead, some are proud of how well they can mess with people. And I'm talking not only about Łukasz because I know more people of this kind. Later what I read on the Internet is that you can't do anything being honest in Poland and... I don't know what to say. It's sad to me.

I thought one more thing. In my opinion, if someone desperately needs someone else to motivate him then it means that he doesn't really want/need to do whatever he has in mind. For example, putting a pictures of very skinny girls on a fridge to help you eat less is, to me, pointless and prejudicial (and even one psychologist said to do it!) If I want something then no motivation is needed, I just get up and do it or at least try. And if there's something on the way, I take care of this thing first instead of putting it away because it's always something important. And I also think that this is the way it works with all the people but not everyone realizes that.

So you won't see any motivational posts on my blog :) At least not purposeful ones.

I wish you good luck with making your dreams come true and I'll talk to you next time!

PS. My blog will be 2 in August! I'll have a little surprise for you on this occasion :)
PS2. You know what else I'll tell you? Lately, I don't really have much of a positive energy and I think you can feel it, can't you? I have several steps in front of me and it's not easy to go up, but I'll make it!