Monday, June 8, 2015

Post without a title.

I opened a window to add a new post like 20 minutes ago and I keep staring at it when it's still empty. I completely don't know what to type. And it's not that I don't have any thoughts or something. It's that I have a lot of them and I'm a little bit lost because I don't want to talk about everything in one post. Maybe I'll create a series like "Aga's talks" or "good morning from America" haha I don't know.

I'm in a process of changing all of my cosmetics. It's because I started to read about some stuff I didn't really know about earlier like, for example, ingredients, how they influence skin, what for, why, where they're come from... I found new products and I thought I'll probably add a post about this on my blog since there's a lot of questions regarding cosmetics in the US which aren't available in Poland. And I think it'll be interesting for some.

You know what, "Titanic" is a movie which I saw several times in my whole life and it never made me emotional. I mean, it's sad but I never reacted in any way, really. Until yesterday. Nate never saw this movie before so I proposed we could watch it. He was about to refuse it but he agreed eventually. Fortunately, he liked it so I felt a relief. And yesterday was this one time when I cried so much that I was surprised myself. And you know what I thought? I think it's because before yesterday I never had anyone who I could lose so I watched it without any emotions. But this time while watching I was wondering what I'd do if me and Nathan were in a situation like that... And that's all, tears like a waterfall.

OK, I kept it short today but I need to go out in a minute so I won't keep this post as a draft anymore. I'm adding a few pictures for the end.

Me and a little Abigail! My friend's daughter. Cuteness overload!

I posted this pic on my Instagram so I'm posting this here too. 

I know I should have opened the window in my car to take this pic. I didn't think of it! One of four rainbows I saw during 10 minutes and unfortunately not the best one but I took a pic anyway :-) 

Since the weather is good, spending time at a pool is a genius idea. 

Do you know this feeling? :-)

And a song!

Talk to you next time!

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