Friday, June 19, 2015

What's new with me? Stuff from past two weeks. And a "seed of love" sown inside of me!


What's up with me? I'm fine ;)  

I completely forgot to tell you that at the beginning of June I went to an immigration office in Atlanta to left my fingerprints. Everything went well instead of my 45-minutes wait because there was so many people in front of me. You can't have any bags or anything inside, you can't have cell phones either. Only documents you need. A woman who took my fingerprints told me I was too tall and I had to stand in this weird position twisted one way because otherwise my fingerprints wouldn't be correct. Really? And now I can't do anything else but waiting for my interview. If you can believe in what they say on the Internet, I should get a letter with a date for my interview after about 4 months after my first visit in the office which would be around September and the interview should be scheduled around 40 days after that. We'll see!

I went to a post office today to send a package to my sister. When I was waiting for a woman to find some options for me in her computer, another woman stood next to me; I've never seen her before. The woman working there asked: "are you together? You look very alike, you look like you're a mother and a daughter!" When we said we didn't know each other we heard one more question: "maybe you're from Poland too!" and she said that her mother is from Poland and father from Ukraine but she obviously didn't speak Polish at all. Everything was fine until this "Poland-Ukrainian woman" asked: "do you go to any church?" And right then I already had a feeling that this conversation wouldn't go smoothly. I answered normally that I don't and then she said that I SHOULD go to the one she goes to and she asked if I wanted her to write down time for me. I said no, thank you, I won't use it. She said: "oh, but you have to believe in God! He protects you every day and he loves you the most! I hope he'll come to you one day and you'll change because now you err." (Btw, "err" is a word which Google Translation told me to use and I hope it's a correct one.) I decided to interrupt her and I said that I understood that religion is important to her and that she'd like me to have the same opinion but I didn't want to listen about this anymore and I feel fine with the way I live, and I didn't want to change anything. Then she said: "I sow the seed of God's love and it'll sprout, you'll see!" I said I didn't think it'd happen and that I felt creeped out when she was talking to me so slowly, in one tone and looking at me with her eyes wide open and I didn't want to listen anymore... O_O
A conclusion is: religion is a private thing of each person's and convincing someone to start believing shouldn't exist and personally I don't want to have people like that woman around me. Even at the post office.

Since it's very warm and sunny, me and Nathan went to Lake Lanier where we went to a long time ago as well and I talked about this HERE. It was pretty cool, not very crowded so we could find free seats on the beach. Lines to slides were not long either so we didn't waste our time! The only wasted time was on the way because when the rout is clear it takes like an hour and 20 minutes but unfortunately there are some road works on the way so it took 20 minutes more :(    

Some time ago in my post about being tall I talked about videos on YouTube about tall girls wearing high heels. One person in comments asked me for these videos and I said I'd give you them but I totally forgot and I didn't do it. So my request is - if you ask me for something and I say I'll do it and I don't do it for a longer time, remind me about this because it's very possible I simply forgot. Unfortunately now I won't find everything but I can give you these three:  Tall Outstanding Women in New York - CLICKTall girls in high heels and how to have confidence - CLICKI'm tall and I love heels but I get bullied for it - CLICK

For goodbye, three pics from my Instagram and a song!

Talk to you next time!

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