Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I'm pregnant!



Normally I'd say I'm sorry for a delay and that I didn't post anything last weekend but well... I'm not going to explain myself this time :D OK, without mincing words! I'm talking straight to you. There's something to boast of and it's a big and very important change in life - another one that you're witnesses of - so there's nothing to hide. I'm 7 weeks pregnant!

I'll tell you something about it because I want to ;) I know that a lot of people wait to the end of their first trimester just in case but I don't have to be like them, do I? And Nate doesn't mind either so it's even better.

I found out that I'm pregnant like three and a half weeks ago so I knew it on our interview in USCIS and the officer learned about this as well, of course. Everything went pretty smoothly and I knew it quickly that there's something different than usual because I had all the possible symptoms. And it was the first time in my life when I had this feeling while driving a car - and I remember it very well - hey, it'd be a good idea to check it out. So I went to a drug store, bought a pregnancy test (well, I got two... different kinds - just in case), I used them and boom - two lines on one of them and another one said "pregnant". I smiled so much you can't even imagine!

Sharing this happy news...
I told Nathan the day I found out. Although, at first I planned to wait and go to a doctor first but we were sitting on the couch talking and I just couldn't resist so I told him and... I started to cry. Just my reaction. Nate reacted saying "oh shit!", but with a big smile on his face of course. And it was Thursday. On Friday I called my doctor's office and if I remember well now my appointment was set up for following Monday. A lady I talked to told me that I can have a visit whenever I want and I don't have to wait for 10 weeks or something. I decided to go right away to make sure (I know that those tests are wrong very rarely), to have some first blood tests and to know that everything is fine, and also to know what to do next.

I didn't want to tell others yet because 4 weeks is a very early stage and the risk of miscarriage for women my age was 20-25% (it gets higher when a woman gets older and for those over 35 years old it's 50%). Now in my case it's less than 5% and next week it'll be less than 1%. Statistically. Anyway, I cared that we wouldn't tell Alicia back then because you know how it is - if she knows then everybody will know. Nathan agreed but reluctantly. Unfortunately the time came when like two weeks ago Nathan's sisters, and an adult son of one of them, came to visit. Since all of them wanted to spend the weekend together there was a need to find a solution because I felt so bad that there wasn't an option for them to see me smiling, full of energy, talkative and willing to walk... None of that. So after a short talk with my husband we decided to tell them. He did it and he told them while being in a restaurant (when I still could eat...) and everyone seemed to be happy so I felt a relief when I saw their reactions. Actually, I don't know what I was afraid of but you know... Those bad scenarios. And we ended up in a movie theater so I didn't really have to do anything besides staying awake, fortunately.

Alicia was so excited! She started to ask: "you're pregnant?! Really?! But you're not joking, right?! Oh, I've been asking for this for such a long time!" And this is true, she was saying often that she wanted a brother or a sister and if maybe I was pregnant because she wanted me to be. She finally had that moment so she was happy and now she kissed my belly every day even though it's not bigger yet at all ;)

And my blog... You know, if I say it here then everyone will know so... here we go.

How do I feel?
In general, if it comes to the way I feel, it's just terrible and it's been like this for two and a half weeks now. I lay on my couch whole days, watch movies and tv series. My walks are limited to walking inside the house because once when I tried to walk outside, I almost died. I don't feel like doing anything, I'm dizzy, weak, I have pain in my lower back and not only there. Nate helps me a lot - he does grocery shopping, gives me food when he's home, cleans up my parts, cooks for himself. The worst thing is that I lost around 7lbs in 3-4 days what isn't very good in my case because I was on the border of being underweight for a long time and lately I gained around 2lbs which was a big success. And now, I lost more than that. I just couldn't eat or drink anything. So I need to take medications for nausea and they help me to eat more but at the same time they make me feel drowsy all the time so, for example, driving a car isn't an option now. Listen, I never slept so much in my life... I sleep 12-13 hours at night and then I take a 2 hours nap a day. This is something! I just would like to eat normally but, you know, it'll come back... It should within five weeks but for now I can eat fruits, light soups, peppermint tea and water with lemon so it's not that bad because if I was in a mood for pizza and chips only then it'd be a problem. And right now I'm really happy I don't have a job because I can't imagine working while being in a state like this.

Last Monday I went for my second visit and I had an ultrasound and I could see my little one and hers or his beating heart :) Since I watched a lot of videos and pics already I could see a head, the rest of the body and the beating heart and that's all. The doctor saw more and he tried to show us but my eyes didn't want to agree on that ;) He said that from what he can see, the baby is perfectly fine. They also took my blood and the next visit is in a month from now but they'll call me with my tests' results in a week or so. I also got a bag with a lot of information, folders, vitamins, etc.

My lifestyle and possible changes.
If anyone wonders, I don't think I want to change anything. I'm not going back to eating dairy and meat and this is out of a question. I know what a "vegan pregnancy" is still controversial and I'll be glad to address them if I have a chance. When I feel better I'm planning to go back to my dance class but with some modifications of course because there are a few things that I can't do even now anymore. I can't stand a smell of coffee right now anyway so it's not a problem and when it's gone, it won't be any effort for me to limit it to minimum and drink, for example, decaf after a dinner. It tastes the same and I care about the taste, not about being awake after drinking coffee (by the way, they say that the safe amount of caffeine for pregnant women is max 2 cups a day but I'll avoid it just to make sure and this is because there are no studies of pregnant women drinking 2 or less cups of caffeinated drink a day; also, my doctor told me that if I have a headache I can try to fight it with for example caffeine). I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke so it's even better from the beginning.

I'm warning you that I'll talk about this on my blog regularly here and there so don't be surprised :) I hope that there will be some of you interested in this subject!

So yeah... I'm happy, Nate's happy, Alicia's happy so I think it's fine :D And now, I hope everything will go well to the end... and later! Keep your fingers crossed!

Talk to you soon,


  1. I ja też się cieszę! :)))

    Niedawno zaczęłam wchłaniać Twój blog od początku (jeszcze nadrabiam małe zaległości) i sprawiłaś że mam do Ciebie wiele sympatii, so I'm giving this sympathy back to you :)