Saturday, February 28, 2015

Not Miss Agnieszka W anymore...


...Mrs Agnieszka K from now on! ;-)

Lately I surprised my friends on Facebook so I suppose some of you'll be surprised about this post as well... I want to add that I'm not exactly up to date here on my blog so Valentine's Day has nothing to do with what I said after we came back from California (CLICK) ;-). It just happened that I posted it one day after Valentine's.

Keeping it simply - we got married last Sunday! It was... wow!! I don't even know what to say... We organized everything by ourselves, actually I did most... From hand-made invitation, through buying decorations, to my make up... To how many shops I went, to how many people I called... I'm proud of myself! I mean, I'm proud of both of us. I didn't realize it'd be so many things to do and I didn't make any plan or anything; I had everything in my mind and, well, it was enough. Although, I need to say that if I had to start planning all that stuff a year before the wedding, I wouldn't want to... I was stressed and very tired but it was worth it because everything went perfectly, no problems, no surprises... I wasn't even very nervous.. until the moment when I was about to leave my bridal suite when I was ready and everybody was waiting for me, because this is just different. I'll never forget when me and Magda went to a store to buy some tulips 1,5 hours before the ceremony and it took, literally, five minutes. The fastest shopping I've ever done! I told my friend this already but I'll say it in here as well - two years ago I was sure I'd be lonely for the rest of my life! And now... I have amazing memories from that day from the very morning and not only me, fortunately. Alicia keeps saying she wants once again! Btw, Alicia gave us wedding rings during the ceremony and I found it very cute. And now the reason why Magda came to the States is clear! Also, it was great that who married us was Nathan's friend because everything was kept in a cool, friendly and comfortable atmosphere and it was important for both me and Nathan.

I must say one more thing about my wedding dress, I just can't skip it... We did everything at the last moment, as usual in my case ;-). I found my dreamed dress in the Internet and I was calling a lot of shops in Atlanta asking if anybody had one in my size. Obviously, I didn't find it. I decided to go do one place anyway because I didn't have much time and I really wanted to have something eventually. I went inside, started to look at dresses and... I saw that dress I was looking for! I found out that I didn't ask about this one in this specific place and maybe it was a feeling I had that I went there anyway. It was one size too big and a woman working there called her friend and ask her to make it smaller during... 3 days! It worked! Moreover, this dress was on sale :-D. Such a luck!

I couldn't decide which pictures to show you so I didn't look while picking them haha Here they are!

Alicia helped me to choose an eye shadow for me ;-).

My bouquet! Wonderful.

When I look at what I'm doing with my hands in this picture,
I kinda think this was the moment when 
I started to be stressed...


Tulips are my favorite flowers so they had to be there.

When a groom sees a bride...

A little backstage!

Magda, me, Briana

Vegeratian meal! So good!

Toast! Nate said something first and then he told me to say something as well.
I had no idea he'd do it and I was not prepared but I think it was better...
If I had something earlier, it wouldn't be so honest and I don't really think
I'd remember that while having all these emotions running through my body...
Do you have the same?

I love this picture!!!


Instead of typical guest book I painted this tree and people were leaving
their fingerprints. I'm going to hang it on a wall.

When we weren't home, Magda and Alicia made this poster for us.
When I got home, I opened a garage door and I saw it,
I felt warmth in my heart!

This time I'm not going to talk about this too much because I still want to keep it in the same atmosphere, which means among people who were there. Anyway, I couldn't and didn't want to stay silent! And I like the pictures so much that I still don't know if I chose the right amount :-D.

Talk to you next time!

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