Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monika's visit - Atlanta, Stone Mountain (4th of July), Senoia (The Walking Dead), Covington (The Vampire Diaries)... And more :)

Today I'm going to show you some pictures and maps showing places we visited so you can know what I'm talking about :)

First, we went to Piedmont Park and we wanted to walk through Atlanta. We walked at the park and it started to rain so much. We had an umbrella but we were all wet anyway... So we didn't go to the city because my shoes were completely bedraggled and I didn't have anything to change. Too bad.

So you won't forget what I look like! :D

Three of us went to Stone Mountain for the Fourth of July. They have a laser show and then a fireworks show. The laser show was a short history of a Georgia state and music was, for example, popular songs recorded here in Georgia but not only, there was also Katy Perry who I don't really like ;) Also, they played the national anthem. I'll tell you that it was difficult to get there because there was thousands of people and the parking lot was full so we had to find another place to park and then walk a while. Later me and Monika had to go to bathroom and there was a long line so we waited literally 35 minutes. Nate went to the field out there to find a good place for us and... we couldn't find him in a crowd and then they turned off all the lights so it was completely impossible. He came to us after a few minutes and we went back to where he was before. We lost several minutes but we made it eventually so that's fine. I think I need to start not leaving everything for the last moment because then you see what happens ;) I liked it a lot, really. Especially fireworks. I'll show you some pictures - click on them if you want to see them bigger.

Another day we went to Senoia. Since this town is very small, a very hot weather wasn't a problem. I talked about this place already so I won't repeat myself. I had a good time! I like it when I can go and sit on a bench and chat, although I prefer to do it when I have a sunscreen on my skin and last time I forgot about it and so I was afraid I'd have a sunburn. Fortunately, it didn't happen and only my shoulders are a little bit darker than the rest ;)
I'm still not ready for the post with The Walking Dead locations so some of the pictures below will appear here again in the post I'm working on now. So this part of today's post can be treated as an announcement. Cool, huh?

The Walking Dead set:

And a little shop with some memorabilia... We spent some money there.

"Fight the dead, fear the living"
So true!!

*sigh* :D

And Monika. She took pictures out there too even though she doesn't watch this
tv series now. We thought that if she starts watching and she likes it, she'll have
some cool pictures already!

That's not all yet! Since Monika likes The Vampire Diaries (I don't watch this), we went to Covington where they film this show. Here you won't see any of an excitement on my part because I didn't even know what was happening but I'll show you some pictures so if you watch it, you'll understand Monika :) I liked this little trip as well because I could see a new place and I always enjoy it. But driving there was a little stressful.

Weird mannequins... 

A face like "don't take pictures anymore, I'm on the way to you" :D

Mystic Grill

We had a plan to go to Florida for two days but we decided not to because of the weather. We thought that if we were to drive while raining and then not even go to the beach because of a heavy rain (and it was like this lately), then why we'd waste our time. We stayed here and we had a good time so we don't regret.

Monika concluded her stay with these words: "Aga, I didn't expect you eat so much" :D

And that's all for now. I'm going to eat some breakfast, later to the airport and later and later... I don't know what I'll do today.

Talk to you next time!

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