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Nathan's and Alicia's birthdays | a 56-year-old pole dancer | Magic Mike XXL | What to do?!



A few people under my previous post asked me a question how I changed if it comes to shyness and I received several e-mails about this as well so I decided to add a separate post about it. I won't do it today though because I want to focus on it and right now I don't have neither time nor any inspiration and also I have a headache. Expect this within the next week or next weekend.

What about today?

Several general things :)

On July 15th Nathan had his birthday and on July 16th there was Alicia's birthday. They got together with it perfectly, huh? Alicia had her very first birthday party with several other girls and everything went pretty good. Firstly we were here in out house and then we went to Chuck E. Cheese's, which I didn't really like much because there are only gaming machines. But it was their choice so we went where they wanted to go and they had a good time so it was worth it. I'll show you several photos.

a personally decorated cake :)

Can you imagine to do a birthday party with no gifts? It'd be an interesting experience but it's be harder to do these days than when I was a kid. By the way, when I was looking for something for Alicia, I facepalmed because there was sooo many things and 80% of that are things pretty much completely useless. I think that toys are cool and I don't mean that all of them should be extremely useful but it'd be cool if more would make sense. Because you buy a Pony, a kid will unpack it and throw it somewhere but, let's say, puzzles or some books would entertain more. What do you think?

My Handsome ;D


You know what, I go to several pole dance classes and every time when I see someone new that I wouldn't expect to see, I smile. For example, a 56-year-old woman who's been there for two years now. A 53-year-old woman who is an instructor out there is in such a good shape! More, a 50-year-old woman who's very, very happy from what she's doing even though she can't do much but yet she feels comfortable enough to shake her hips a little among other 20-year olds who don't laugh at her and don't look at her in a weird way. And these are only three examples! And I must tell you that I like it. I sometimes read those comments on the Internet written by Polish people that, for example, 30-year olds shouldn't wear shorts because it isn't proper and if a 50-year olds wears a skirt shorter than knees then it's just shocking! And then I remember these women who pole dance in very short shorts and very high heels and I think - great!


When I was telling you about Monika visiting here, I forgot to tell you that we went to a movie theater as well. We watched Magic Mike XXL :) I remember I saw a first part some time ago and I didn't really like it much. It was kind of grim, boring even, not many things happened. The second thing is, in my opinion, much better. Not only that the story is more interesting, there's also a good music and this time there were moments when I actually laughed, not only smiled. And I like comedies that make me laugh out loud and they did it. And a lot of dance that I love! I know it's not a very high quality movie and it won't win an Oscar ;) but it's good to relax, spend some cool time with girlfriends (but I saw guys there too!) I'm adding a trailer below if you're curious :)


I'm not a vloger and I'll never be but I'm working on two videos that I'll want to show you. I'm curious how it'll work but I think it'll be cool. Keep your fingers crossed!
I've had a lot of things on my mind lately about what I want to do in the near future. And I'm not talking about a job ;) but more about what I'm interested in and about my blog. I think that it's not good when there's no ideas and if there's too many then it's even worse. I don't know how you see things but I can't start a lot of things at the same time. I prefer to decide what's important and what's more important and then do everything one by one. Or not all of it, depends if I feel like it. I sometimes like to be lazy as well and I recommend that to you.

For the end, I'm going to add two pictures from Instagram...

I think I look pretty in red ;D Too bad that the picture doesn't
show a real color of the dress.

Talk to you next time,

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