Sunday, March 15, 2015

A word about comments and and a few words about my past several days.



First I want to say that I appreciate the time you guys spend on reading my posts and leaving comments because your opinions are important to me. At the same time, I want to inform you that if I receive a message like "I thought you and your sister were in good relations" and there isn't name, nick name or anything... And the comment is about things which I don't talk about on my blog, it's kinda... well, I'll use the word that comes to my mind as a first one: creepy. Because how does anyone know something like that if they're not related to me somehow? I won't reply to comments like that but I'll read all of them so feel free to still share your opinions!
The other thing is what I said some time ago, I talk about a lot of things in here but it's still not all and to reach this "all" there's a looooong way. So when I say that, for example, Margie moved out, I mean that Margie moved out. I didn't say a word about how everything went, when the decision was made, if there was any kind of a process and if so then what it looked like, why, on what kind of rules everybody was here before, how much time she spent here, how we lived together, how we live now, etc. I realize that when I say something in general, I leave a lot of room for your imagination to work but a message I got two days ago which says (quotation): "you know aga, I thought you were a cool person but now I see you're fake, pretend to be so nice and friendly but because of you margie had to leave" is an exaggeration. Where to get those conclusions from, where to get the idea that I'm the bad one from, that anyone is bad. Worrying about things like this went away from me before I created this blog so it's not about it. It's about that I won't reply to messages like this one because I don't see any sense in spending my time on it.

Lately I've been receiving a lot of different emails or messages on Facebook as well and I'm very thankful for them! It's a pleasure to read them and to reply to them, even though it sometimes takes more time than you think. It's not because I don't want to, it's because I sometimes don't have enough time. And I'm happy that you tell me something about yourself too because then I kinda know who reads me and so on. Also, this feeling that someone who doesn't know me personally trust me somehow, is amazing! A huge thank you for all your responses!


And now a few random things...

Is here anyone who would like to exchange postcards? Doesn't matter what kind and where from - I like all! I like traditional letters as well! If there's anyone interested, I'm waiting for a quick e-mail -

Moreover, the time flies so fast... 2015 just started and now we're in the middle of March which means that I had my 23rd birthday last Wednesday :-).

A little party from Alicia and Nathan :-).


On the last day of Nathan's family's visit, we all watched pictures from our wedding. It was so cool! I liked the atmosphere and I felt very well with them. Our photographer posted on her Facebook a slideshow with our pictures, she added some effects and music, which we watched as well. I can't take it... I cry each time I watch this! If you're interested, click on the picture below.

I found one thing on Facebook that I want to share with you. It's "20 of the funnies Polish phrases and how to use them", which you can read HERE. I find it pretty cool!

It's only 9:35pm and I'm falling asleep while sitting on a couch. I'm sure I wanted to say more but I don't remember anything else so I'm going to end now. It's a short post, isn't it? It doesn't happen very often. Next time I'll finally post a part two about active listening.

Talk to you next time!

PS. I cut my hair! Nathan didn't notice until I told him :-D I really needed some change and since I had the same hairstyle for several years, I decided to change it. And I'm happy with it now :-).

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