Sunday, March 8, 2015

Margie has moved out! / A few more wedding memories... / Maroon 5!


Everything in my life changes so fast! You know, I'm not talking about my marriage life which is pretty cool ;-) but about the fact that Margie moved out this weekend. I knew it before but I didn't say anything in here. Margie realized that her parental methods are completely different than Nathan's and mine and she decided to give up (she used a word give up by herself) and she doesn't want to see it anymore. She found an apartment near by so she can still see Alicia but she doesn't have to bother herself by watching something that, in her opinion, isn't good.
Three Nathan's sisters came to visit and help Margie to take her stuff and to shop. Moreover, two of them took their two grown up kids so our house is full of people. I'm not complaining... Laud but joyful at the same time so it's fine. Although, I know I wouldn't want to live with so many people in the same house.

What's more, Alicia calls me mom and mommy and she likes it very much. On the wedding day she started to do it and she couldn't stop till the evening and it was easy to see she was excited that she could say it because she wanted to, not because she had to. She told my friend she couldn't wait. You know how great it is? During several first times I felt warmth in my body, seriously. Well, it feels good every time. You know what else she says? Aga, you're my real mom! A good mom! We've had a lot of hills and even high mountains we had to pass. It wasn't colorful every time what you could suppose after reading my blog ;-) but we made it! I made it. And now I think that winning a trust from a child who's been having such bad experiences with her biological mother is... hmm, an amazing achievement. I really think so.

I forgot to tell you that I had a bachelor party as well! Small and simple (fortunately) and I like the way we spent the time. I needed that after the whole stress I had during preparations earlier and I'm glad there was this idea. I didn't miss anything :-)

I'll show you some more pictures... I can't help it!

from a hairdresser's Instagram
And Magda in the background :-P...

Alicia was a photographer too!

Do you know that my mother had almost
the same kind of dress at her wedding?

My hair got a little bit messed up... Oh well.

My necklace was very interesting! 

What else... I don't know.
They'll open Six Flags on March 14th! I can't wait. I haven't gone to all of the things out there so I'm waiting for the next time. There's only one thing I'll never ride on - a rollercoaster which goes backwards. Noooope, every time before I go there, I take a motion sickness pill because otherwise I'd be all dizzy after the first ride and so I won't take this risk with riding backwards cause I'm pretty sure that Nate would have to carry me to the car later :-P.

I read a page about me and I updated several things. I didn't remove anything but I added some new ones in different color. Some things changed so I wanted to make everything clear and I also had questions about different stuff from there so now everything should be ok. If you're interested, feel free to check it out HERE (I haven't translated it yet so you need to use a Google Translator on the right side on my blog under the main picture). I updated my to do list as well which you can find HERE, if you want to see.

One of the things I did was being at Maroon 5 concert!!! I didn't have time to tell you about this earlier but some time ago me and Nathan went to see them and it was great!! For real, I loved it. Adam sang new songs, like Animals, Sugar or Maps but also the old ones like This love, She will be loved, Lucky Strike... In general, they performed 18 songs and I liked the fact that they were playing all the time and they didn't make a lot of breaks to talk. Adam talked maybe 3 times or something. And Adam is handsome, I must say ;-) And his voice live sounds the same way as in CDs. The audience had fun but I din't like one thing. Adam asked everyone to put their phones and cameras away for one song only because they wanted to perform one song without all that and to keep it for them and the audience in the venue only. It took some time but most of the people eventually put their things away (or they just turned off flash, I don't know). There were several people close to the stage who didn't listen at all. Adam went closer to them, pointed and them and said put it away! Most of them listened but there was one girl who took pictures while he was asking her to put her camera away and so he said you're the reason why everything is taking so long. Some people didn't like that and then Adam said but I sad the truth, right?! I liked that a lot what he did because he said something which was so obvious...
So I had a gooood time :-)

That's all for today I think... Just a few more pics.

One of the restaurants close by. 

Talk to you next time!

PS. Happy Women's Day! 


  1. It is good to see you are so happy with staying in the house with Alicia and Nathan only. Margie made the best decision ever. It is time to rest for her, to take her own life in her hands and to give herself all the pleasure she can only imagine. If I were her, first I will take Paris, than Rome and the rest of the world :)

    1. Yep, I'm happy with that.
      Actually, she's planning to travel a little! :)