Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alicia lost her first tooth! // From my daily life...


Hey! How are you doing?

I sometimes read different kinds of websites for women; Polish and American ones to know what's going on (gossip, fashion, people's relationships, etc). I sometimes facepalm reading some articles but it happens more often when I read comments. And, what's worse, mostly on Polish sites. How much hate, jealousy, rabble out there... Someone says she's afraid of something and in a minute she'll be insulted that she's an idiot because she's afraid of this and that, she's acting like a "baby", etc. Someone else comments in a normal and mannerly way but will have a different opinion that the others do and he'll be insulted as well because he's stupid, has no idea about anything. The same thing when some website posts a picture of a girl who's apparently beautiful, has amazing body shapes, an ideal woman, etc. If a girl says something like "I don't like the way she looks" she'll read that she's surely jealous, she's ugly and she comments that because she wants to feel better. I think this is my favorite one and undisputed TOP if it comes to frequency. Why do I read things like that? I don't know... out of curiosity I guess. I think it's like this: people can feel anonymous in the Internet and that's why they have this courage to be a person they really are and to show emotions they really do BUT they can't express anything like that in a real life because it's not "appropriate" so they keep everything for themselves and then when they're back from work/school, they use people in the Internet to throw all of those emotions out because this is the only place where they can feel free and be that way. That's why I don't even get irritated when I read those things because I know that nobody is a type of a person who wants to hurt others just because. It bothers me though because I feel compassion to people who are insulted and hurt. And now the worst thing - do I see those things on American websites which I visit? The answer is NO. More often I read comments which give me some new thoughts, have some values in them and people don't insult everyone around. Of course people argue ;-) But it's more like "OK, you think it's good, I think it isn't and let me explain why..." instead of "you're so stupid!!!!" What does this difference depend on?
Speaking about feeling compassion... Do you know what it's like in my case? I have the biggest compassion toward animals, then other people and then, at the very end to myself... if at all. I exactly know it's not good. But I think it's possible to change everything but at the same time I don't want to change the level of my compassion for animals. I'd rather change the last one which is feeling sorry for myself.
And I want to tell you that I got removed from three different groups on Facebook because my opinion was different than others'. And no, I didn't insult anyone and I never used a word "YOU" typing comments because I always talked about myself and about what I think and even then I was some kind of a threat for them so they preferred to remove me instead of to solve whatever there was to solve. But you know what... I don't worry about this because I think if I met reactions like that, it means that what I said touched them somehow and they stopped and thought for a moment and this is what I care about :-) Like I said some time ago - I can't change the world but I can share my opinions!


Alicia's tooth is moving and she's so excited! She says she can't wait until it fall off and she'll put it under the pillow, a quote: "even though I don't believe in a tooth fairy and I know parents are the ones who give kids money, it'll still be cool to wake up with a dollar on my bed" ;-)
Imagine that I typed the beginning of this paragraph when Alicia went to bathroom to watch her tooth and it fell off right after she came back to me! She got so excited that I couldn't stop looking at her; amazing. OK, I was excited too :-D
Btw, about that she doesn't believe in a tooth fairy... She's barely 6 years old and she already said some time ago: "when I see Jesus or a Santa with my own eyes, then I'll believe in them!" :-) When some time ago I commented some article and I said what Alicia said, people accused me that I lied because such a small kid wouldn't say anything like that, it's just impossible... But she did! I think they're the same way like Alicia - they'll believe when they hear. 


I have a question for you. I received an email from one of my readers who's OK with me referring to it :-) She said she noticed that more and more bloggers have fanpages of their blogs on Facebook and she thinks it'd be cool if I have one to keep people posted and I also could post some small things which I don't talk about on my blog. Right after I read it, I typed I don't think so but then I removed what I typed and I thought for a moment... And then I thought I'd ask you guys what you think. So I'm asking - anyone would be interested? :-)

OK, I don't miss Poland what you can easily see in my posts ;-) but I miss some of the food products. For example, how can I find a cheese I like... I can't even explain what I want. I read it's kinda the same as yours "farmers cheese" but there's nothing like this in my area; I'd have to go to Atlanta to Whole Foods to get it and I don't even know if it's good. So when I really want it, I have to go to a place you see in the picture above... And I don't go there often because of these reasons:
a) it's about 62mi away which means an hour and 15 minutes driving...
one way
b) for what you see in the pic I paud... $70!!!!!
(But cheesecake was delicious!) I gave Nathan something to try but he didn't like what I proposed. Actually I'm glad he didn't like a poppy-seed cake cause there's more for me! ;-)

It's so warm now!! :-)))) It's been raining a lot lately and there are thunderstorms as well from time to time. But we have a lot of animals and trees everywhere so it'd good! I'm glad the temperature is on a high level and I don't think it'll change.

I really like the way Cleo looks but... damn. This can doesn't like people. She doesn't want anyone to pet her, she doesn't come to sit on laps. And she spends 90% of the time outside. What's the point of having cat like this?

And a selfie for goodbye ;-)

Talk to you next time!

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