Monday, April 20, 2015

What happened during last week... | Facebook!


Hey there :-)

I made a decision about a fanpage of my blog on Facebook so from today on you can find me here - CLICK. It's a cool option to keep yourself abreast (Nathan told me about this word; he said he likes it ;-) with new posts or to take a look of little things I don't talk here about. Feel free to *like* and to share! :-)

I was planning to drive around here and in Atlanta and take some pictures of places from my list last weekend but I decided to do it another time because the weather is very... unknown. It was raining all the time on Friday, on Saturday the rain would come and go and yesterday it was raining from the very morning and it stopped around 7pm. You know, I'm not made out of sugar so I won't melt but I prefer to have the sun when I want to take pictures.

I don't even know when the previous week passed! I think I said it like million times already but it doesn't change and I'm afraid it'll stay like this forever - the time flies too fast. I remember at school I'd look at my watch and it was 10:46 and I checked the time again after two hours and it was... 10:49. So now when I sometimes want to keep some moments, everything just goes away.

What happened last week? Alicia lost one more tooth. Nate pissed me off (yes, it happens here too!). My tulips died so I threw them away. I got some allergic reaction and I thought I'd die... I still don't know why. And I fell badly so now I have a problem with my arm. But I cooked a tasty spinach tart so there's also a positive thing!

In pictures above you can see a sticker I got for my car :-) And my favorite flowers - yellow tulips.

The second part of my post in Polish is about how to learn English effectively so I won't translate it for you because it wouldn't make any sense :-)

Talk to you next time!

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